UC Success Wheel

The Modern Workplace is a cloud-first world, but people need to come first if you want to transform your organisation’s productivity – technology will not deliver results on its own. We understand what a successful digital transformation looks like and have developed our Unified Communications (UC) Success Wheel to help you deliver results, reduce the risk of failure and overcome resistance to change. The UC Success Wheel will help you achieve the full benefits from your digital transformation

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The Modern Workplace

We use the wheel to assess and advise where you are on your digital transformation journey There are several areas to consider when starting your digital transformation. When you click into each section you’ll find a set of tools to aid your journey.

What makes up the UC Success Wheel

Digital Transformation Readiness Assessment

In each section, we have 5 questions that assess your organisations readiness for a Digital Transformation, specific to UC. We've found over the years that the best projects will have considered everything before they start rolling out the technology

Our Digital transformation Readiness questions intend to help you understand what you need to consider before you start your digital transformation. As well as technical change, there is a culture change that will need to happen with starting to use unified communications to ensure a successful digital transformation. The questions set out to challenge whether or not you are ready to start your project, or if there are actions you could carry out before starting, to help the project be successful.

For example, how many other changes are there going on for users? Do you have an up to date flexible working policy? Have you got the skills to do everything you are setting out for?.

Packaged Services

The next part of each section is questions about the Exactive services that you may or may not need specific to your organisation. These intend to help qualify whether that service would be beneficial for your organisation or not. These questions help us understand your specific journey to Teams. They help us present to you what help you would need from us to implement Microsoft Teams as your UC platform.



The resources below are relevant to each section, from white papers on digital transformation culture to working from home calculators to business outcome exercises. These are intended to provide additional value throughout your digital transformation. Take a look to see if these are useful to you.

Culture & Vision

Start here if you need to understand how Microsoft can transform the way you work​.

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Organisation Readiness

Start here if you know what value teams brings but need to know if you’re ready to start your journey from a people and resource perspective​.

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Start here if you need to understand the technical pre-requisites for your project​.

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Design & Deployment

Start here if you know Teams is what you want but you need to design your solution​.

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Start here if you have Teams and want to increase Adoption​.

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Start here if you want to get more from Teams​.

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Click here to view our on-going solutions​.

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